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Monday, 11 November 2002

Little Computer People

Wired blurb on The Sims Online:

With The Sims Online, a massively multiplayer game that goes live in November, Wright plans to take over the rest of the world. The basic playability is the same each Sim pursues primary needs such as food, sleep, a social life, and the shortest path to the bathroom. But the online version dispenses with AI. Every Sim will be controlled by a flesh-and-blood person. Like EverQuest and Ultima Online, The Sims Online will mix elements of strategy games with an immersive social experience. And along with the forthcoming Star Wars Galaxies, it will test whether such games can cross over from the Renaissance Faire set. "Our game," Wright says, "is potentially bigger." He aims to have half a million players by the end of the year. [more]

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