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Thursday, June 28

All Grown Up

I graduate at 4pm today!

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Monday, June 25


BBC News | UK | 'New balls, please' for mice homes

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Sunday, June 24

All Change

It's not every day (week, or month) that Big Things happen.

A few big things have happened recently, though. I finished my degree. I graduate on Thursday. My friends and I are leaving university, going out into the big wide world where, apparently, it's much scarier. We're also losing the security of absolutely humongous interest free overdrafts. But the less thought about that the better.

This may well be a Big Summer. I've got lots of things planned, none of which I should really talk about. But at some point, I will.

I'm not gone. And I will be back.

P.S. My email address changes soon. Update your address books! becomes See you all in August!

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Thursday, June 14


At least I've been here...

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Thursday, June 7

I choose... YOU!

Voting patchy in UK election: "Voting in the UK general election is said to be patchy, with officials reporting a slow start in some areas and brisker activity in others."

Patchy? Brisky activity? Sounds like a weather report, to me...

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Linky Linky Lurve

Davo's redone brainsluice and it looks gorgeous.

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Wednesday, June 6

Taking over the world

Speech 2000 sounds cool.

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Sunday, June 3

Quick reads from the Guardian

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Friday, June 1

One week reprieve

One week to go until my last final. On the 8th June, I'm free, I tell you, free.

Will and Marcia were interested enough to email me to find out where I bought my new Palm and were replied to as soon as reasonably possible what with the onslaught of exams. For anyone who's still interested: I suggest you either get to Dixons pretty quick...

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