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Sunday, November 5


Sony do some seriously cool stuff. Check out

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Saturday, November 4


Excuses that you probably would not want to use to explain being late for work...

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Thursday, November 2

On music

So. I did (as in set) a music quiz, and it was fun. Yea, it was good, verily they drank (merrily), and so on...

On the other hand, I think I need to have a stiff talking to with my subconcious when the nineties round that I set came up with the following if you strung the song title answers together in the order that they were played:

"Stay... Bitch... Stay, I missed you... Smack my bitch up... Stupid Girl... Boom! Shake the room! All that she wants... Back for good... All I wanna do... Drinking in LA..."

For reference, Shakespeare's Sister, Meredith Brooks, Lisa Loeb and the Nine Stories, the Prodigy, Garbage, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Ace of Base, Take That, Sheryl Crow and Bran Van 3000.

I'd hate to think what a psychoanalyst would have made of that...

Anyways: bed. Off to London tomorrow to meet my friends the gbloggers...

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